There’s this seminar I attended yesterday that not only was it lively but turned out to be a game changer for most of us present.

Your degree certificate should not be your greatest asset. That’s was the topic of the day.

One of the speakers gave us a very interesting story that I believe will help challenge you guys as it did with almost everyone in the meeting.

So immediately after finishing campus, they started what every other graduate does.

Crafting spiced resumes, dressing for success, and off to the normal job hunt.

After around two years of tarmacking, sending out resumes to almost every other company in his niche, at last an opportunity came by.

It was an international company that needed interns to work for them but would pay handsomely and eventually employ you if you proved to be viable.

He could not afford to lose that chance now that he had attended several interviews, he was pretty confident.

So now, three weeks later after the application, having already forgotten that chance since he was used to sending out the resumes but no reply, he received a call.

He was in a noisy bus stage where he had been waiting for a bus for almost an hour standing under the hot sun. You can relate the feeling, right?

On seeing this new number, what clicked in his mind were corn men.

This was the trending issue at that particular time, of corn men who called as Human Resource of a certain company and would convince you to send some money for admission.

With that in mind, he picked the call with a very bad attitude and the first thing he said was, “Who is this calling and what do you want?”

The interviewer was kind enough to introduce herself but now the other problem was that the noise was too loud. He could barely hear a word.

He reprimanded, “Can’t you hear I’m in a noisy place and try to raise your voice?”

There and then, the caller hangs up and boom! Within a minute, he had lost a lifetime opportunity.

A month later, he met with his schoolmate who was taking just a mere certificate in the same field and as they talked, he realized that the guy got the same job that same day and time, which he screwed up just because he lacked some basic communication skills.

So, why I’m I telling you this story?

You know, many of us in campus right now think that our certificates and three paged resumes are the greatest assets that we have.

Get me right here, I’m not saying it’s not important, but gone are the days where a certificate was all that mattered. Why?

Because there are millions of graduates each and every year, and now with internet, a company may decide to outsource cheaper foreign labor.

So now, the question is; what sets you apart from the rest despite being in the same classrooms, same lecturers, same seats, studios, resources you name them?

Here comes in the other set of skills that you ought to hone alongside the technical skills that you learn in class.

He summarized into a four letter word. ‘KASH’

  • S – SKILLS
  • H – HABITS

It’s a very simple and straight forward word, right? I know these are not new words but let me break it down a little further briefly.

Knowledge stands for all you know about the field you’re in.

What you learnt in

  • class,
  • books,
  • articles,
  • online courses,
  • tutorials and even
  • Advice from your role models.

Attitude is a reflection of your habits.

Poor habits equates to negative attitude toward everything.

By just adding a smile when talking to people you’ll realize how that changes the attitude of the conversation.

Skills now are the practical things that you learn everyday outside class like

  • learning how to drive,
  • shooting a video professionally,
  • taking quality pictures,
  • good communication skills,
  • Confident public speaking, you name them.

Finally, habits are a very crucial.

  • How you carry yourself,
  • how you communicate with others,
  • your personal hygiene and even
  • Eating etiquette.

Mastery of this simple four letter word will cultivate the best out in you.

It will help unleash the potential energy in you and you’ll get to use it to your advantage against those who have no clue or just assume.

Remember, this ‘KASH’ concept not only works for job seekers, but for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Nobody wants to do business with you if you got a bad attitude; you can’t relate well even with your team and so on and so forth.

People buy into you, not your brand or product or service.

Research also affirms that people tend to buy from people they trust and like.

So now, with poor communication skills, how are people going to like and trust you?

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That’s why I keep on insisting on the essence of investing in you.

One of the billionaire’s in our beloved country Chris Kirubi once said, “As a youngster, investing in yourself will give you the best returns in future.”

Other global successful people like Tony Robbins refer to it as, “feeding the beast within you!”


  • seminars,
  • workshops,
  • conferences,
  • joining productive clubs,
  • Volunteering and engaging in diverse extra curriculum activities are what develop the beast in you.

It is what you learn beyond class lectures that matter the most in the outside world.

Hope now with this knowledge you’ll not be in for the rude shock when you’re done with campus.

Yes, it will cost you some money and time, but it’s worth it! It’s a lifetime investment.

Remember, if don’t expose yourself; the world will always expose you.

Get inspired with some of the best best seller authors globally.

Let me know what you what extra curriculum activities you’re doing in the comment section below.


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