what it really takes to retire by 29


If all you want is to retire by 29, then this is for you. But first,

Do you really understand the exact essence of retiring at an early age?

I’m just from having a one on one confrontation with a friend of mine who was mocking me about the choice of my blog name claiming that it is practically impossible to retire by 29.

I don’t blame you if you think so too. I mean, we all have different beliefs.

Anyway, that’s when I realized that I had an obligation to explain what I really mean to retire by 29.

Just before I get to the technical aspects,

What do you think of first, when retiring at an early age comes up?

Is it being a CEO, owning multiple companies, having millions net worth, rolling with expensive luxury cars, designer outfits or living in a castle with parties 24/7?

Yeah, I get it; pretty sweet, huh!

But this is just a by-product of having financial abundance that comes naturally if it fits your lifestyle.

For me, retiring by 29 was born as a result of having the burning desire to live a happy life, provide my future family what I never had the privilege of having and getting involved in what I love doing, making the best out of it.

In short, if at all you want to retire at an early age like I do, you have to;

  • Discover your line of interest,

  • Embrace it,

  • Expand your knowledge on it,

  • Start documenting,

  • Focus on constant – never – ending – improvement and in due time you will bear the fruits of your hard work.

You don’t have necessarily to retire by 29, that’s my goal.

It may be earlier or later, but reality hits you when it comes to how to actually achieve these goals.

Monica Carr, a real estate guru, said it best,

“Dreams are free, but the hassle is sold separately.”

Here are 6 actionable tips that you ought to implement if at all you really want to retire early as bad as you want to breath.

  1. Sacrifice your time to focus on your line of interest.
  2. Playing the long term game
  3. Actualizing ideas
  4. Loving the process
  5. Consistent curiosity for specialized knowledge
  6. Focus on your believe not others opinions

Let’s dig into each one of them.

Sacrificing your time to do things that matter
Sacrificing your time to do things that matter.
  1. Sacrificing your time to focus on your line of interest

When I talk about sacrifice I mean;

  • Spending 99% of your day learning and doing about what you love.

Be it in social media, blogs, YouTube, podcasts, eBooks’, magazines and the like; provided you cling on what you really want to know. No buts!

  • Taking your time siphon every ounce of knowledge from top influential persons  in your niche!

Do you have this iconic figure you always admire?

Follow them, approach them, and emulate them. Knowledge is power!

  • Waking up early and continuing to add more value to you!

If this is a big deal for you, then I’d suggest thinking of why Donald Triump, best- selling author, billions net-worth and the current president of the United States of America, is awake by 5.30 am.

You don’t even have a cent in the bank yet you still in bed till 8.am. Get it?

  • Sacrificing your girlfriend, a night out, a friend’s party, an addiction or any other form of luxury!

You have to know what makes or breaks you.

This calls for self-awareness and taking necessary measures to neglect the speed governors. Period!

It is this particular moments when you put off your close friends and look for like-minded individuals who will fuel your growth and make it easier for you.

Even if it means being away from your family if that’s what derailing you.

Bottom line,

You have to sacrifice what you are for what you want to become.”


  1. Playing the long term game

A couple of days ago another friend of mine asked me if I was already earning online.

Jeez! I mean, this is my third article, I even have no substantial traffic to my blog, a very low Alexa site ranking yet you’re asking me if I’m already earning!

This short term instant gratification is what’s demoralizing us, forcing us to quit even before we start.

All you think of is to wake up one morning, start a business and become the next Chris Kirubi huh! No hard feelings!

However, let’s call a spade a spade!

Patience! Patience! Consistency!

You can never ever become successful online overnight unless you obviously scamming innocent folks or other fishy businesses.

So, you have to visualize your status, 3 years, 5 years, a decade from now and if your imagination is big enough, giving it your all, nature will naturally give exactly that.

If you can’t visualize being a CEO, having a community of employees and signing business contracts, then what is the point of even starting from scratch?

Just remember;

“Imagination is not the talent of some men, but the health of every man.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.


  1. Actualizing ideas

Take this as a challenge.

Have a small note book or even a good note taking app like TRELO, and write down every other idea that comes to your mind in regards to making money.

You’ll be surprised a week or a month later the number of million worth ideas you’ll have come up with.

But now, what will you do with these ideas?

Just go for the one that interests you the most, do some qualitative research, then start as fast as you can before someone else does.

Never fail to grab an opportunity just because you have these common alibis, no funds, inadequate resources, unqualified, fear, not ready and the like.

Don’t forget that;

“Ideas have a short shelf life; you must act on them before their expiration date.” John C. Maxwell, Lead financial consultant.


  1. Loving the process

What then is the need to even start if all along you’re complaining about all that’s going wrong, blaming everyone else apart from you?

You have to take responsibility of all your undertakings which of course will never come along if you don’t fall in love with what you’re doing.

It’s not a matter of how long it’s going to take you. It’s how long are you willing to sacrifice putting in the work?

Erick Thomas, one of the best global motivational speakers, taught for 17 years before one of his videos went viral online which he was not aware of in the first place.

If you’re longing to be in the game for the rest of your life, you have to consistently love what you do, and with love come;

  • Sacrifice,

  • Motivation,

  • Self- drive and

  • Persistence which are your key pillars for success.

Invest in specialized knowledge
Invest in specialized knowledge


  1. Consistent curiosity for specific knowledge

You probably are familiar with the rule of specialization, right?

It’s said that if you become a jack of all trades you’ll definitely end up mediocre.

Very true, strive to become perfect with the one thing you love doing rather than being average in a lot of things in the name of diversity.

What basically happens is that, the moment you become a guru in whatever you’re doing, you’ll definitely attract other gurus in other sectors which will in turn make the best out of you then.

The best hang out with the best. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

But only if you follow the ‘ASK RULE’ is when perfection will pave its way.

  • A – Always

  • S – Seek

  • K – Knowledge

Keeping in mind what one of the great men in America said;

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin.


  1. Focus on your beliefs not others opinions

Since I started this blog, a bunch of my close friends, who I currently don’t hang out with, kept on asking me;

So Kim, you’re now a motivational speaker huh? Yet you haven’t accomplished anything!

You have spent a lot in financing your blog and you haven’t earned a dime yet?

Yeah, you may talk all you think is good for me, furthermore, freedom of speech is guaranteed, right?

But my goal to inspire the crap out of someone out there, only one, to take action and stop procrastinating will never seize.

Nevertheless, Robin Williams always reminds me that;

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

For me I thought it was a cool for me to talk about what I love spending my time learning, at the same time giving a practical view of what I’m currently doing if at all someone out there thinks it’s impossible.

If at all I listened to these ‘friends’, you would never have read this piece from me, right?

Remember, the only reason you have all these naysayers, is because they envy you.

They have started to recognize your hard work and are afraid you’ll make it which they don’t want because you’re undervaluing them.

Which is technically very true and exactly what’s going to happen!

But then, since these pessimists will always be there, even if they don’t know you personally, ignoring them is the best antidote.

Focus on what you really believe in and you’ll automatically attract like-minded individuals who harbor similar beliefs because;

“Belief is the magic key that unlocks your dreams” Orin Woodward



My final question to you is simple.

Do you still want to retire by 29?

Are you willing to remove those stuck boots out of the mud?

You now know what it takes to retire by 29.

The choice is yours!

The only worry now is regretting a couple of years from now why you didn’t take action today.

Take it as a food of thought.

Let me know of what you’re doing to make sure you retire early successfully in the comment section below.

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