Did you just say books? Like really reading?

Absolutely! I repeat again, THE POWER OF BOOKS!

I know you probably can’t figure out the last time you skimmed through a book leave alone reading.

No worries.  I was there too.

Remember the high school set books, which you had to read for you to pass the exams regardless of whether you understood or not?

“The Caucasian Chalk Circle, When the Sun Goes Down, The River Between, et cetera.”

I always said to myself, that these books would be the last to ever read.

Does that saying sound familiar?

If yes, then this is exclusively for you. Only you!

But first, just before I get into the juicy part,

Let me give you a brief true story of my life just a couple of months back.

It was just after finishing my final paper in my last year in high school; when I decided to ‘switch off’ my mind on anything revolving around education.

I guess I was overwhelmed with the fact that I was finally done serving my sentence.’

But all I knew was that reading would again resume some months later when joining campus.

So I did what we love doing most, wasting time, smoking, parties 24/7 and life was WOW!

In fact I would mock my friends who at the time did short courses, in the basis that there were no jobs.

Now, my time to refocus as I enrolled campus finally came. Guess what?

Yes, you’re right. Nothing changed at all.

In fact being away from home, no one monitoring me, I transcended to addiction.

I rarely attended lectures, my classmates barely knew me leave alone the lecturers.

“Are you in my class?” I was already used to this question from my lecturers during exams.

You can guess the grades that my transcript showcased.

It was after wasting a whole two years in procrastination and negative mindset that reality finally hit me.

I had this friend of mine who was progressing well with his freelance writing job whom I had seen going through some sleepless nights to learn more on writing.

I decided to approach to help me get started.

So, as we conversed, I went through his laptop, where I came across a folder named motivation.

At this very moment I was determined to do whatever it takes to make money and stop idling.

The only thing that I lacked was the self-drive to take action.

So, I quickly opened the folder with a substantial amount of curiosity.

It’s then that I came across what I believe made a turnover in my life.


I was shocked to see hundreds of powerful quotes and a 20 list of self-development books which he told me he was about to finish reading.

To be specific; ‘Awaken the Giant Within You’ authored by the phenomenal Sir Tony Robbins.

This book made a tremendous impact in all aspects of my life.

Of course, I gave it a shot because the title seduced me, I mean who doesn’t want to be rich?

However, I never changed drastically, but at least it gave me a new frame of viewing the world and the true definition of life.

Slowly by slowly, I made it an obligation to change my life and change completely.

You see, that’s how it all started and the reason you’re reading this from me now.

Now, if you’ve come this far in this post, I believe you are a qualified reader.

If not, then here’s what I would recommend.

Reset your mindsetCHANGE YOUR MIND SET

You remember what made me mock my friends who did short courses?

Exactly! I believed that there were no more jobs left hence no need for further knowledge.

It’s not until I decided to make use of my time that I saw the need to get more knowledge.

Therefore, make sure you have a positive attitude towards the book you anticipate reading.

Believe that you’ll get nothing else apart from more insights and new skills to get you going.

That’s the first step, or else you’ll just read the 1st chapter and you’re done.

Read to understand not to finishREAD TO UNDERSTAND; NOT TO FINISH

It always feels good to say that you’re done reading a couple of books, right?

But then, if this feeling drives you, the end results will be, reading many books but can’t explain the context of any.

You get me, right?

So, you would rather, take a couple of weeks or months reading a single book, on a chapter by chapter basis. Make sense?

Trust me, if the content is really amazing, you’ll definitely read more than a chapter.

make reading a hobbyMAKE READING A HOBBY

I guarantee you; the moment you’ll be done comprehensively reading your first ten books, reading will automatically become your hobby.

You’ll realize how little you know and will always yearn to know more.

This will also come in handy if you dedicate yourself to reading on a daily basis.


Be an active reader BE AN ACTIVE READER

Research proves that we retain 70% of what we read when you actively engage your body parts.

By body parts I mean:

  • Having a note book and a pen and noting powerful quotations by the author
  • Crosschecking any new word from a dictionary before you proceed
  • Shouting out loudly any valuable suggestion you may want to remember
  • Using a highlighter to mark valuable opinions.

Let’s see,

Remember the last lecture that you had with no writing material and no laptop?

You probably dozed off or lost in the fantasy world

The same case applies when you read a book passively.

You will not only remember, but miss out very crucial details and most of all, waste your precious time.



It doesn’t matter what sort of books you read.

Be it science fiction, technology, self-development, poetry, love books you name them.

What really matters is what value you siphon from the book.

Skimming through a book makes no difference to not reading at all.

Now, for you who have seen value in reading this article, here’s some good news.

I know you may not consider investing in buying a book at the moment, which you should anyway.

I totally understand though.

That the reason I decided to take my time to select the best 10 free e-books that I believe will make an impact in your life.

Not forgetting the one that I mentioned earlier.

Just drop your email bellow and instantly get your gift.

They may be old in publication, but the value in them is worth gold and will never fade away, not now, nor coming generations.

You can also consider watching constructive videos from these same authors or enroll to their podcasts sessions free of charge.

Bottom line,

Discover the magic that is withheld in books and thank me later.

Let me know how books have impacted your life in the comment section below.








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  1. Thank for writing and sharing your work, I love the article good work bro. Please send me the e books via email ASAP I also want to awaken from the chains of slumber and laziness.

    1. Definitely, I will definitely send you.

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