For instance, you woke up today and the first breaking news on the headlines is, there no more job vacancies. What would you do?

Most probably protests would be the first reaction from the job seekers, right?

Being in a society which greatly emphasizes on the need to seek for employment as a way of living, I believe is the root cause of all this misery.

Perhaps the norm can be changed but it doesn’t change the fact that entrepreneurship is not an easy path. Never will it.

The good news is that today, we are living in a world of vast opportunities which is available at our fingertips. The internet!

I mean, who doesn’t have a smart phone these days?

The only flaw is that we are so obsessed with consuming content that we forget to play the other part of creating. It’s your choice and you better make it wisely.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m a 20 year old journalist by profession who seeks pleasure with matters regarding entrepreneurship. They call me Kim.

Talk business and boom! We are friends. I love reading tones of staff on entrepreneurship and thought maybe I would share my encounters with like- minded peers.

When not reading and writing about entrepreneurship, you’ll find me playing the guitar.

Just so you know; here’s the backbone behind the birth of


Do you have the slightest idea of what it means to call home a place that harbors poor network connectivity, leave alone internet coverage?

Really! Yes! It’s true! I know it sounds like just another mare hyperbole but God knows what I and most of Kenyan students face currently.

It might not sound more of a ‘big deal ‘at the moment since we are already used to, but it takes tons of sacrifice physically and financially to look for a well suited premises and resources in order to be online.

You can now bet how it really feels to constantly update this blog.

All in all, nothing comes by easily.

So, having said that, have you ever been obsessed with something that it feels like you can’t breathe without it?

Well, I have too, which in fact, has been the sorely reason behind the birth of this blog; to be a successful entrepreneur before 29.

So, what’s your heart desires? Do you have a clear definition of your goals?

Then here’s my challenge;


Do you have that innate calling of being the next Warren Buffet, or maybe Bill Gates, you name it? What’s holding you back?

You probably have tons of alibis in line which maybe legit or not. Which all of us have.

I believe procrastination is the number one hiccup that is facing youths per say, right?

I can do this, am not in the mood. I feel so tired now; I will start in the evening. Holly Shit!

Then what really happens when that time comes? An event turns up and boom! You postpone again and again. In the long run, nothing gets done.

So then, how are we to curb procrastination in our lives? Perhaps it will never, but the best antidote is; just START! And START NOW!

It doesn’t matter how much awareness you have about the subject, resources, time or other vague excuses that we all have.

It scales down to loving what you do and as Gary Vee pinpoints it,” falling in love with the process” which involves figuring out the do’s and dons along the way and most of all ” macro patience.”

So, my challenge to you is; what do you have to loose giving it a shot? I mean, all experts were once amateurs like you and me.

Just define your goals clear, have your pillar WHY! Focus, and love the process. STOP PROCRASTINATING! Start documenting. Period!

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I’m not a guru or something of the sort, but I can help a thing or two right?

Feel free to give me a head start where probably you feel like all is not well.

Kindly come on board and lets create an impact and leave a trace on this enormous world.

Don’t forget:

Th greatest way to predict the future is create it.

Peter Drucker

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