Have you ever met a guy or rather have a friend who’s fond of romanticizing the word entrepreneurship?

Claiming how he’s rich or going to be rich soon?

Yeah, I also got one.

He is this guy who will do anything to make money which includes even scamming innocent souls online.

Apart from that he’s the hype type guy that flows with the direction of the wind.

Mention any upcoming opportunity for making money, he’s there. Be it a scam or legit he’s there.

Then in the end guess what?

You’re right. He ends up frustrated and starts the usual blame game which 99% of us do whenever the outcomes differ from our expectations.

So, a couple of days ago, we we’re having a one on one man talk with him and after listening to his arguments and his reasoning capacity, I almost ended our relationship. Here’s why.

I told him straight in the eye that HE WILL NOT BE RICH.

You can guess his reaction; a person who brands himself as an entrepreneur, know it all guys.

The worst part is that he’s older than me so he did not take it kindly at all.

You may say that was so rude of me, I’m a naysayer, I’m not a prophet, nobody knows their fate, but trust me.

After reading the last word in this article, I guarantee you’ll side with me without any shadow of doubt.

So, here are the 5 reasons why I had to be so bluntly open with him.


Let’s be clear here, I’m not suggesting that you should start giving out free services and products or become a philanthropist.

Not at all, here’s my point.

Everyone loves money, including me, but the moment money becomes your god, you’ll do just about anything just to make money.

You’ll even go to an extent of stealing your roommate’s stuff and selling just to make money like I did in my first year in campus.

You tell me now, what else made my friend scam innocent desperate people online?

Isn’t it money? Do you believe there are a million ways to make honest money online?

Yeah, I strongly do because that’s what I do.

I just don’t understand why want free money that you’ve done nothing to get rather than work for it.

Don’t you recognize the feeling of getting money after helping someone out or providing a solution to a problem?

Guys, this is the only true way of making money.

Joseph Moore said it best, ‘Value is a different word for wealth. If you’re not already aware, individuals are just as gravitated towards wealth as they are to value.’

Focus on providing value first, money will come forth and never will it the other way round.


I cannot emphasize on this point any further.

Honestly speaking, is there any business out there, be it legal or illegal, that doesn’t involve any risk?

My dear friend always named himself an entrepreneur yet the only risk he would take was the consequences of scamming someone online.

Nonetheless, he cared less though.

You have to be ready to take risks in order to make a dream come true in the long run.

The worst part is when I see these same friends who called themselves entrepreneurs, start seeking for jobs for ‘security’

I recently read a book called 13 secrets school did not teach you about being rich by Steve O. Courage.

A Nigerian young successful entrepreneur and school dropout.

This is a must read book guys.

Check out Steve’s point of view on what we’re taught in school.

He mostly emphasizes on the flaws of what we love most ‘job security’

He asks, do you ever think you’ll become rich working for someone?

It scales down to the element of fearing to take risks.

Everyone out there has this million dollar ideas that if were it not for this illusion called fear, could be the next Facebook or Uber.

The truth is; fear will never seize in our lives. The only thing we can do to is overcoming it by taking charge and not letting it control you.

Reset your mindsetRESISTANT TO CHANGE

A good example that this friend of mine used to justify his situation is that he also had been scammed online a couple of times that made him become merciless.

He specifically gave me a scenario of a network marketing company that he joined then after finding it hard to recruit, he quit.

You see, it’s not that he was scammed, the fact that he failed to put in the work, just because he bought into the hype of becoming a millionaire quickly, made him discouraged and quit.

In fact the company is still on and making millionaires day in day out.

So, what point I’m I trying to bring home.

Don’t let your past determine your future.

Just because you got scammed once or twice, doesn’t give you the mandate to scam others.

I mean, who’s new to using the internet and has not lost money in one way or another?

You have to burn all bridges, use that experience to avoid such a scenario in the future, find what you love doing and go for it.

Now this, this is the winning strategy. This is what is going to make you rich.

I’m not rich as per say, but at least I’m confident that I’m navigating my way through to abundance.

The best part is that what I’m saying here is what I’m currently doing.

So, if at all it sounds like anatomy, just so you know, it’s fucking working for me.


It’s human nature to justify oneself; whenever something happens against their expectations.

I totally understand.

In fact I have been struggling with this flaw and I’m really trying.

We like to blame everyone and everything around us when we lose, but take the entire honor when we win, right?

I have been reluctant updating this blog just because I was only seeing the flaws in the resources I have rather than the opportunities. Let me explain.

Honestly, my area of residence has a very poor network connection leave alone internet.

So, all I did was rant how my placed sucked, which I was the one who decided to stay in the first place.

I started complaining of weak internet connection at our campus which was provided for free.

All this combinations made me feel like I was going to quit but little did I realize, I was not in control of all the other things but writing.

Writing does not need any internet connection right?

So, I decide to just write and post when in strong internet connection and guess what?

It worked, I even found myself writing a lot that previously.

Here’s the thing now.

I know you might be thinking that you’ve reached your melting point, that everyone is against you and nothing comes in your favor.

Trust me, I too plus every other individual out there has had such a moment.

But what keeps us from moving forward?

You’re right. The moment we stopped complaining and giving excuses.

Make it a habit and you’ll see how magical this simple tactic is.

If Thomas Edison never tried the 1000 times to invent electricity, do you think we would have it now?

Take it as food of thought.


Do you see why now I had to be frank with my friend??

These are some of the characteristics I too had to drop to make sure I’m headed in the right path to abundance.

So, my appeal to you today is simple, turn these flaws to your strength and change your life.

To be honest, it’s not easy at all; you have to make a brave decision and sacrifices here and there.

But as they say, you’ll never make it if you don’t try.

You’ll start seeing life from a different angle that will blow your mind away.

You’ll realize that you wasted your time and the only thing you’ll be left with is to spread the word like I’m doing right now.

Over to you now…………

My question is simple; do you want to be rich?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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I am a just a simple young chump who clearly understands his goals in life. I love entrepreneurship and that's my innate calling to help like minded peers to enrich their visions of being young successful entrepreneurs.

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